Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Well, Christmas has come and gone. The decorations have been put away until next year and we are all healthy. I say that only because Jules got the flu for Christmas. For a while now, I was anticipating her excitement when she opened her presents and I got nothing, no excitement, no happiness...nothing.
Ok, she was a little happy to get this candy but it was during a white elephant game and we traded it for something else and that didn't make her very happy.
Here she is opening her pajamas on Christmas Eve, she also got those cute slippers.
This is Christmas morning after we woke up to vomit all over her crib. She got the most excited about some "ucker" (suckers) I had put in a little tupperware pitcher she got. You can also see the new 52" HDTV Brett got for his birthday, which just happens to be Christmas Eve.
We got her a toilet seat in hopes that she will get potty trained soon. I don't want to buy diapers for 2 so we better get on it; we only have 5 months left. (BTW, we find out what we are having on Jan. 20.)
Lately, she loves to hide and close her eyes. She also loves to put things over her eyes so she can't see. I don't know where she gets these ideas but I love them.
This is after she got dressed and with most of her presents. It wasn't much but we have been so blessed that she doesn't need much. She would have been happy with nothing for all she cared.
This is Jules about 30 minutes ago before I put her in bed. It's nice to see her smiling again and almost back to herself. This flu was a nasty one and lasted for almost a whole week. We are very happy to see it pass and just pray that we don't get it. Sorry for all those that got it from her.

As for me, Brett totally surprised me with a new camera. I bought my old one right when I got home from my mission almost 4 years ago. It works fine but it was time for a new one and I couldn't have been happier about it. I have really been wanting one for a while but never really complained about it because we have been looking for a house and I want that more. By the way, we didn't get that house we were waiting on. That makes 3 houses now that haven't accepted our offers. I guess I just haven't learned my lesson on patience yet.

First Hair Cut

I got sick of the mullet. Sure the pigtails are cute and I do miss them, but I was damaging her hair every time I put them in. We went and had my cousin cut her hair a while back and here are the pictures. She did so well. She just sat there and let her do her thing. She looks so big in these pictures.

Now we just do it curly every day and it looks cute and will hopefully grow more evenly.

Just as a side note: Jules loves to put our shoes on and walk around the house. She didn't want to smile for this picture but she really was happy.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Take a minute to sign against abortion

Please go to this web site to sign against abortion. If Obama signs this bill, then every doctor will have to perform abortions whether they want to or not. Let's try to petition and stop it.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Coffee Anyone?

Last night Brett's group, Hangtime, had a performance at a Discovery Christian Church in Taylorsville. They did a great job and everyone loved them. Jules kind of stole the show with her dancing front and center to all the songs. After the performance they let us decorate a Christmas ornament. I was busy doing that and Jules had climbed up on a bench drinking her little Capri Sun. A minute later I hear her coughing so I look over and there was a cup of coffee on the bench and Jules decided she wanted to try it. It wasn't hot so it didn't burn her, but I have no idea how much she drank. This would be her first experience with caffeine since I never drink it. On the ride home she was banging her head from side to side for a minute but other than that, we didn't see any other signs. The funny thing is that I have been craving coffee lately so I was a little jealous. I do have some substitute stuff from Brazil that we would give our converts. It helped them switch over to a more healthy hot drink that kind of tastes like coffee but it's made out of barley and doesn't have any caffeine.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dr. Gordon

So I wasn't super close to my OB/GYN but I sure liked him a lot. Last week as we were reading our friends blog, we found out that he had passed away that week. I was super sad about it but not as sad as when I went into the office for my check-up today. First of all, pregnant women are emotional. When I see any adult crying, I cry. Doesn't matter what they are crying about, I am always a social crier but not as much as when I'm prego. Today as I walked into the office, they had programs from his services with a great picture of him on the front. You could just see the happiness in his eyes even though he had been struggling with Lou Gehrig's disease. They had another picture of him on the wall and it was just sobering. I couldn't help but tear up and was so embarrassed by it. I know he is in a happier place and for that I am happy for him. He had a full and complete life and helped so many people. What a great example. I am so grateful for the gospel and that he can be with his family again.

As far as progress of the baby, everything is going great. We find out what we are having on January 20th. I'm still not showing, just getting a little thicker around the stomach area. I'm surprised by it too because I feel like I am eating all day long.

Friday, November 28, 2008


So if anyone knows me really well they know that I can't keep a secret very well. If someone has told me something confidential or someone else has a secret then I can do it for them but if it's my own secret I'm not too good at it. That's why I'm pretty darn proud of myself for keeping my pregnancy a secret for more than 2 months. That's right...I'm pregnant and Jules is going to be a BIG SISTER. I am due June 4th. (if you can't read the shirt it says "i'm going to be a big sister")

So this is the how we told our families that I was pregnant. It took them a while to actually read the shirt but when they did they were all surprised and excited. We had told everyone that we were going to start trying after my half marathon. The marathon came up really quickly and I started getting scared that it would be hard to get pregnant and I didn't want family asking every week, so we decided to tell them that we were going to wait until we got a house. We still got questions all the time but just lied through our teeth pretty much. We were able to get pregnant right away and found out in mid-September. Last time we told family right away and the pregnancy lasted forever. This time we decided to wait until Thanksgiving. Brett really wanted to wait for Christmas but like I said... I can't keep a secret so Thanksgiving was long enough for me. We had our first appointment a few weeks ago and everything is looking good. This pregnancy has been a lot easier (not that Jules was hard). The biggest complaint is that I'm tired a lot but that's pretty normal. Jules loves babies and is pretty excited...we hope.

This is after our Thanksgiving dinner with Brett's family. This is Rob and Brett throwing the kids up in the air.

Needless to say, they loved it. I do have to admit that I didn't keep it a secret from everyone so there are a lot of you that already knew. It was the hardest keeping it away from family and that's the part that I am proud of. I just have to say that when I first got pregnant there were 13 other people that were pregnant at the same time. Since then about 5 of them have had their babies, namely, Melissa, Jen, Kelsey, Kaye, Chantell, and Jamie is going to pop any day.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Poop in the Bath

Does anyone know how to prevent a kid from pooping in the bathtub? Jules usually takes a shower with me but lately I've been giving her a bath every now and then, and lately she has been pooping every time. It's no fun cleaning it up and having to sanitize all the toys and bath over and over. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for me.

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Day Finally Came

The long awaited day of going to the nursery arrived. Now I have worked in the nursery before and some of those kids were not happy when mom and dad left them all alone. Not the case with Jules. We brought her to the door and she was gone. She did turn around long enough to tell us good-bye and that was that. I was able to sit and listen to the rest of church in peace. I was able to lead the music in Relief Society without Jules coming up to the front and sucking on the chalk and eraser. It was beautiful and the time past much faster than before. I didn't have to bring a diaper bag full of toys and food to keep her entertained for 3 full hours. There was one time that I peaked through the window to see how she was doing and she was just playing and looked all grown up. There was a part of me at that point that was a little sad to see how big she has gotten but most of me just enjoyed the peace. All the leaders told me that she did really well and fit right in. This is a picture of the first projects "she" made from nursery that she is so proud of. I was lucky enough to get a big hug when I went to pick her up so she really does love me. I think she was just confused that I had been holding out on her this whole time.

On another note...Jules loves to get into the pantry. Every time I open it, she is able to squeeze herself in and get her treats which are just some Kix. I was finally able to get a picture of her in there. Look at how innocent she looks.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

More Halloween..

Ok, here's what we really looked like on Halloween.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Brett and I are in a picture!

We finally got a picture of all of us at a Halloween party the day after Halloween. Enjoy!

Friday, November 7, 2008


Ok, Ok, Ok, I will post some pictures of Halloween now. I just don't enjoy the holiday very much. I like the fall the jacket weather but that seems to have already passed. I am just not very creative when it comes to costumes. We are cheap and don't want to spend money on a costume that you can only wear once a year. We are also trying to save money for a house right now so a costume just isn't in the budget. We were lucky enough to have someone loan us a costume for Jules, thanks Nettie. Jules actually loved the costume and loved looking at herself in the mirror.

We went to a few parties. Brett, of course, was Napoleon Dynomite. He actually won a contest at work for the funniest costume. He did the dance for everyone and everything. Everyone loved it. Unfortunately, we never took any pictures of ourselves. Other people did so we are just waiting to get some from them. One night I was a dead chef and painted my face. Jules wouldn't even look at me and would scream and cry every time she did. So for the next day I was just a boring old cat. She didn't even like that I painted whiskers on my face. The next day, Brett's nephew had a school dance and his date wanted to be Deb so he was Napolean and needed Brett's stuff. So we were the King and Queen of Hearts, yet another borrowed costume and one that we don't have any pictures of as of yet (thanks Jodi).
One thing I do like about Halloween is making goodies. I found these in a magazine and had a lot of fun with them. Jules and Maddie, my niece who looks homeless in the picture (her dad must have dropped her off that day), enjoyed eating them and helping me make them.

These are kind of old pictures but since they are so cute I wanted to put them up. A while ago we took Jules to a BYU football game. She did really well and we had a lot of fun. Luckily though, it was one of the first games, one that BYU totally dominated so we were able to leave early. It was fun to take Jules but it's more enjoyable without her.
She loves to play with my sunglasses. I am very proud to say that Jules does say cougar and when she had her Cougar shirt on, she points to it and will even hiss like a cougar.

Monday, November 3, 2008


I'm sorry I haven't updated in a long time. Life has just been boring and I've been lazy. My friend Kelsey posted this amazing thing online that is just shocking to me. It is Obama talking about abortion and his support of abortion. Listen carefully to what he says.


Since when is having a baby a punishment? Don't women have a choice to have sex or not? (Of course there are exceptions in rape victims, but there are plenty of people willing and wanting to adopt.) He's saying that women should have a choice to have a baby or not. HELLO! If you don't want a baby, have protected sex or better yet, no sex at all. Obama just gives me the creeps. Please get out there and vote for what is right!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Rome, Italy Temple

Did you hear? They announced a temple in Rome!!! Brett served his mission in Italy and actually lived in a house where the temple will be built. We were always planning on going to Italy after Brett graduated but we had a little surprise named Jules. He then promised we would go when they get a temple for the dedication. So it looks like we are going to Italy! Yay! We are super excited for the people in Italy to enjoy the blessings of the temple. Not only does Italy finally get a temple but 4 other temples were announced. The Lord's work continues to grow and I love it.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Family Pictures

Kellie, my wonderful sister-in-law, took some family pictures of us yesterday. It was a tough job taking pictures of us who are not very photogenic. Here are a few of the favorites.
I love Jules smile in this one...Isn't this background so beautiful...

Oh, there's her personality coming out...

Thanks Kellie! P.S. she is trying to get a business going here so if you are interested, let me know.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Who loves daddy?

Last Saturday I worked from 10am-10pm so Jules was home with Brett all day. Since then, they have been inseparable. He would just put his head up to her and she would give him a big hug...over and over to pose for the picture. It's so cute how they play together.

Jules got up on the table and I gave her a fork to go at it with the chocolate cake.
We always go camping over Memorial Day weekend but this year my parents were on vacation in China so we decided to go for Labor Day Weekend instead. Jules loved riding on the four wheelers. All the kids have to use helmets but there isn't one small enough for Jules so here she is testing one out anyway. She wasn't a huge fan. Holding her is my niece Brook who Jules just loves. When those two are together, they are inseparable.
Did you all know that fall is here? Yesterday as I was running errands I looked up at the mountains and realized the trees are turning colors? I couldn't believe that I hadn't noticed it yet. Then I remembered that earlier that day I noticed that Jules had 3 molars that I didn't know about. She now has 11 teeth and all this time I thought she only had 8. I guess they call me Spacey for a reason. I do have to admit that I haven't really been all there for the past little bit.

I would like to thank all 2 of you for coming to my Tupperware Party last week, yes I said 2. I still haven't closed the party so if there is anyone interested in anything just let me know before Friday. Can't beat the life time warranty!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Tupperware Party this Wednesday

Do you hate throwing rotten produce away? I hate that strawberries only last 2 days, carrots only last 2-3 weeks and the list goes on. There is now a solution to help it last longer, stay fresher and more crispy and it's called Tupperware. So it's really late notice and I really hate these type of partys but here I am throwing a Tupperware Party . The party will be this Wednesday the 10th from 7-9pm. Sadly, for our wedding we didn't get much tupperware so 2 1/2 years later I am still in need and this will help me out a lot. If you would like to come see their latest stuff, come on over, and see our new place too. If you need our address please e-mail me at staceynau@hotmail.com. Something about putting my address where anyone can see it is a little creepy, so e-mail and I can give you more details. I would love to see any one of you that check this blog on a regular basis. Oh and I'll be sure to make some yummy refreshments!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

1/2 Marathon/Fox 13 News

I did it!!! This is me rounding the corner with about 25 feet left to go.

Me and Kyle after the race.
Brett's dad, Ross, waiting with Jules for me to come. Kyle had already made it about 9 minutes before me.
Me and Kellie who went through more than her share of problems along the way. Sterling, my brother, was supposed to do it with her but his knee started giving out on him so he had to quit about 2 weeks before the marathon. He also had his appendix taken out in the middle of the training so it's probably for the better that he didn't run it.

It was one of the best running experiences I have had. It started out with me, Kellie, and Kyle, who I did my long run training with. We all got split up in the 1st mile because there were so many people. If we got past one person we just kept going. We were all able to run at our own paces and made our goal times even though we didn't see each other the whole rest of the way. I did really well and was feeling great until about mile 9 which lasted for about 3 miles I swear. My goal was to just finish and if I got lucky it would be under 2 hours. I got 1:56 minutes which I was very happy with. I was sore for about 2 days but then felt fine. My heroes along the way were this lady who had a sign on her back that said "Running for 2, due in March". She's crazy, I tried running a lot when I was prego and didn't make it very far. Good for her though. The other best part was signs that families had written along the way encouraging their loved ones. It encouraged everyone a bit. My least favorite from them was "That was the easiest 10 miles I've ever driven". I was able to laugh about it, but at the same time I wanted to shoot them. I would definitely do the Hobble Creek 1/2 marathon again. As for a career in full marathons, I'm going to have to say "no way!" 13.1 miles is enough for me.

As for another note of success. Brett was on Fox 13 morning news a couple of weeks ago for his a cappella group. Check them out http://hangtimesingers.com/media.html.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

We Moved!

I have a testimony of running. A couple of Saturdays ago, Kyle and I were finishing up a 10 mile run when I saw this info box for a basement apt for rent. Brett and I hadn't really decided if we wanted to try to get into a house or if we should rent for another year. We figured that the banks wouldn't give us a loan with him having his job for such a short period of time. So we went and looked at this apartment in Lindon that is really close to both of our parents homes. I fell in love at first sight. Here are some pictures of our new place. We just moved on Saturday and are all unpacked but we don't have the decorations up on the walls yet so just imagine them there.

Brett crashing on the couch after a very long week of way too many late nights.

This is my kitchen that I just love. I have never had so much counter space and cupboard space. I still haven't filled all the drawers and cupboards but I'm sure it won't take me too long. Sorry for the lack of table. We bought a set on craigslist and I'm refinishing them and it's taking me a little while. The chairs are part way done but I sill have to paint the seat part black because I didn't end up liking the stain I chose.

There is a big window seat with drawers where we have put Jules toys. She loves to open the drawers and find her books. This is me catching her in the act. She is such a good girl.

This is Brett's little office. It's small but at least there is a place to put his computer.

This is our bathroom. It is so big and spacious and nice. The washer and dryer are in there too but we are in the process of getting a set. In the mean time we are taking advantage of parents living close.

The jacuzzi bathtub that is huge

No pictures of our bedroom because I was washing sheets at the time. Here is our big closet though. I have a full size dresser in there that shows how deep it is. We took off the doors because they are obnoxious and use a curtain instead.

Jules bedroom.

She followed me around and found some more of her books.
That's our place. It has lots of storage closets everywhere and we are loving it. There is so much light because it is a walk out apt. Jules loves it here and loves discovering new things to get into. I also started working a little at Wadley Farms (http://wadleyfarms.com/home.html) helping out with receptions and what not. They just like someone to be there during the receptions so the people have someone to go to if they need help. I am loving it so far and it's not too much work but just enough for me to get out of the house and doing something. It will also give us a little extra money for a down payment on a house.