Wednesday, July 25, 2007

3 Wilson babies

Whenever we get together at Brett's parents house it's amazing to see 3 infant car seats scattered on the floor. I thought that the place got crowded enough with just adults and walking kids. Car seats take up so much space and so do our diaper bags. These three babies are born within 4 months of each other. From left to right is Jules, Mitchell, and Jude...again notice the difference in head sizes. Jules just has a little pin head we've decided.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Jules blessing day

We blessed Jules on July 15th and these are all the people that came to support us in this very special day for us. Thanks for coming guys.
Here is a picture of Tammy, Brett's mom, who made the dress. She started this amazing piece of work back in April and we finished it a few days before the blessing day. We are so appreciative of all her time and generosity. Tammy, we love you.

The cool thing about Jules blessing day is that she was blessed on the same day as her cousin Mitchell. Here is a picture of the two of them. Mitch was born on April 12th and Jules is May 18th so they are a little over a month apart. Notice the difference in head size.
The proud mommies
Callie's favorite picture

and last but not least my cute husband right after giving Jules a great blessing. He was so happy and proud that she didn't cry once during the blessing and didn't need her binki.

Isn't this such a precious picture of Jules in her blessing dress. I would also like to thank Kellie, my wonderful sister-in-law for taking these adorable pictures of Jules. She took about 250 pictures and spent about 2-3 hours trying to get her to cooperate.

So Cute!!!

I know this picture has already been posted on the little slide thingy on the side but it's my favorite so I just have to post it to brag about my cute little baby.

Monday, July 16, 2007

The real one

Ok, here's our REAL family picture.

Friday, July 13, 2007

The Family

Here's our latest and greatest family photo. (Click the picture to make it bigger)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

What a poser

Jules is getting pretty good at knowing what to do for the camera. We did not pose her for this, I'm not kidding.

Mom vs The Tent of Doom

At our annual family reunion for some reason my mom just couldn't figure out the stupid tent!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

In loving memory of Sonia

This picture was taken on Sunday at grandma's house. Tammy was getting Jules to talk and smile and of course spit up. She kept looking around and not at us. It was as though she was looking at the angels around her. We had just found out about an hour earlier that Sonia, my 11 month old cousins daughter had past away the night before from SIDS. They would have been really good friends since they would have been pretty close in age. I always hoped they would be good friends like her mom and I were growing up and still are. Although we know she is happy up in Heaven it doesn't make it easy all the time. I will say that I have never been so happy to hear my baby cry in the morning as I have these past two days. Sonia was the cutest and happiest little baby girl ever. I never heard her cry until she was about 9 months old, and she lives just down the street from us.

4th of July Memories

If you look closely you can almost see that she is smiling.
After reading Jodi's post about memories of the 4th of July I'm afraid I only have embarrassing moments to share. Since my dad grew up in Chile, he truly sees what a great place we live in making him very patriotic. He made a nice big flag pole to put in our front yard and decided to start a tradition of having a flag ceremony each year. He would put our big fat speakers in the front windows and blast patriotic music for the whole neighborhood to hear. This might not be so bad if it was at a decent hour of the day but no, he decided to do it at around 7:00am when most people would like to be sleeping in on our day off. He played that for a while until he got a big enough crowd at the house then they had some people talk and a prayer and the flag ceremony. Then by the time it was done, around 8:30am there was a table that had all sorts of food to eat. Breakfast foods would be nice to eat but no, we would have chips, crackers, candy, cookies and nothing but the best to drink at 8:30 in the morning would be some soda pop. It makes my stomach churn just thinking about it. Then after that we had an obstacle course that would make us run around the house doing all sorts of stuff like a potato sack hop, finding the coin in the flour and also running around the block. If you won, you would win nothing but...more candy. There was a part of us that loved it, but another part that just cringes with embarrassment. My dad will always be remembered because of it. People will always say that they loved it so now I guess my dad is a legend in that neighborhood. We made certain that when we moved to the place they are in now that we didn't continue with it. Another tradition is to go to the Stadium of Fire and sit by the cougar and watch the fire works since they are free. We show up after that traffic has slowed down and are usually able to park really close and leave right when they are done avoiding all traffic. We sit out there and talk and the kids will play on the cougar and just have fun. If you ever want to find my family on the 4th, that's where they always are.
As for Brett, he says that they always went up to Jackson Hole for the car show and would watch the fireworks up there.

6 Weeks

I have been really bad about taking her picture on her exact week mark. This week I tried to be better and get it on the day and as you can see I didn't get her at the right time.

The Hood

The neighborhood I moved to when I was 15 was the best neighborhood ever. Most of us that were the same age, some younger, some older would hang out together all the time. I remember walking up and down the dead end streets barefoot all summer long. We would be bored and just walk up the street and one of your friends would see you and before you knew it everyone was together playing night games, watching movies outside on Justin's tennis court and just doing whatever we wanted, feeling on top of the world. We had it all figured out on who was going to marry who and how we would all be best friends forever. Well, life doesn't happen like you would like it to when you are 15, if you ask me, it all turns out better. We are all still friends but unfortunately we don't see each other that often. Our families are slowly growing and our lives are busier but we finally got together again. Although some weren't able to come we had a good time.