Sunday, December 13, 2009

Kids say (and do) the darnest things

We are trying to teach Jules to ask nicely the first time without us having to remind her to say please. When she demands something that she wants, we reply, "That's nice". So the other day she had this conversation with herself..."I want cheese, that's nice, can I have cheese please, in a minute". At least she reminded herself to say please. I must say, "in a minute" a lot.

I was coloring some FHE packets the other day and Jules wanted to come color next to me. I got the old markers and let her color. I had 2 of those smelly markers and told her to smell them. She made me smell the mint one. I told her it smelled like gum. She smells it again and looks at me and said, "Mom, you're so weird".

We had Libby's 6 month check-up the other day. Right when we got into the parking lot Jules started complaining that she needed to go poopies. She repeated it over and over. So we booked it into the building and head to the elevator. She continues to repeat over and over that she really needs to go poopies. I'm starting to get really nervous that she is going to diarrhea all over the place. We get to the office, I skip the check in as she announces to everyone that she needs to go poopies. We rush to the bathroom, it's occupied. We run to the other bathroom on the other side of the office, it's empty. She sits down on the potty and lets out this big fart. That's all, no poopies, just gas and she was good.

"What the heck?". She says that every now and again at really random times along with, dang it, holy cow, and you're so crazy. There are others but I can't think of any right now.

The phrase, "Who peed in your cheerios" brought on a whole new meaning to me yesterday. I was downstairs working on a project and Jules came upstairs. Heidi was upstairs studying so when Jules came down with a bowl of cheerios, I didn't think much about it. A little while later I came upstairs to find cheerios all over the counter, on the floor, and a puddle of pee.

Friday, December 11, 2009


It's been a while, sorry about that. Here are a lot of pictures of mostly Libby the past month...or more. First of all we have Halloween. I'm pretty sure Jules has swine flu so she looks miserable here. If you don't watch "The Office" you might not understand Brett's costume, or lack of costume. He is "Facebook". Get it, BOOK is written on his "face". He even has the blue shirt.
A couple of pictures of Libby in her costume. Her shirt said "Princess in Training". Thanks for all of you who voted for Libby; we did not win though.

This is Jules' hat but Jules decided to put it on Libby. She looks like Toad from Mario Bro.
Libby in her high chair. She is still getting used to the eating thing.
Jules loves the temple and sings "I love to see the Temple" all the time. She knows that the temple is Jesus' house and that Moroni is on top. Jules likes to put her hands up to her mouth a blow a horn like Moroni. It's really cute. One day we were driving errands and she told me she wanted to go see the temple. So we drove to the temple to see it.
Jules is being the "helpful" big sister and feeding Libby. It's really cute...and messy.
Callie, Brett's sister, went to Africa to teach deaf kids. She was there for 2 months so she got her hair braided. It took 6 of us over an hour to take them all out. It was pretty cool looking.

Taking out the last braid. She had the perfect crimp.
Jules and Libby hanging out on the couch together.
Libby is a total mommy's girl. I love it.
Libby is over 6 months old now and is sitting and practically crawling. She doesn't have any teeth yet, but she sure drools a lot, and bites everything.
All ready for Christmas. She even has the double chin and fat rolls to prepare her for this cold weather.
Libby in the high chair again. She's getting so big, way too fast.
We helped my mom put up her Christmas decorations. Jules was this same age when we got a picture of her in the same sleigh my mom has. We had to do one with Libby too.
Libby waking up from a nap all happy.
Then Jules had to come in and interrupt. Jules is happy, I just don't know about Libby.
Happy Birthday in December to mom, Maddie, Brett and Nettie. Good thing I didn't have the recording of us singing.
Jules and Elise love playing together. Elise is Gerald and Adoree's daughter. Elise is going to be a big sister in May, yay!
That is about all. We have been busy doing things, I just don't know what.