Tuesday, March 30, 2010

3 holiday updates

It has been a while and I am sorry. I have had some pictures to put up for a while but laziness has gotten the best of me.

I think this was back in February. It was a warmer day and we all had cabin fever. The snow was gone everywhere other than the park. The kids had fun though.
It was still a little cold for Libby.

This is in our backyard. I had a few projects I was working on. When it was a nice day we would bundle them up and go out and paint these projects. Pictures to come.

Jules loves Heidi and Jesse. She keeps them busy playing with her when they come over. I'm grateful they don't have a washer and dryer so that gets them to come over about once a week to do their laundry.
They came over one night and we made Valentine cookies. Yummy!
Valentine's breakfast.
Jules looking so grown up with pig tail braids and a cute new dress from Saver's.
I bottled chicken. It was so easy and makes making dinner on those crazy nights nice and easy.
It snowed...a lot. We finally made peace with the snow and went out and played with it. I hate the snow but Jules actually wanted to go out this day so I let her and I went out too. We made a snowman with the help of the neighbor boys. It was melted by the noon. Crazy Utah weather.
I am such a boring mom. This is the only thing we did to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. I put Jules in a green dress, gave her a green bowl with kiwi, she is sitting on the green couch and reading a green book.
Libby was a vampire for a few days. Her gums were growing down before her teeth. She did cut through those teeth within the past few days but for a few days she really looked like a vampire.
For FHE last week we made flowers out Jules hand print. Pretty cute huh? The flowers that is, not her hair. She was ready for bed and I had taken out her hair when I realized we didn't take any pictures.
These are the cute cupcakes we made for that same FHE. We are so ready for spring, can you tell?
This last Saturday we celebrated Easter with my family. It was a beautiful day and we had so much fun. Grandpa had the kids play games to win some of their eggs and even some dollars. This is one of the games. Her legs are so short that she could walk inside of the bag and didn't understand that she was supposed to hop. It was so cute.
The boys got their turn too.
The traditional money toss. My mom got up on the ladder and threw dollars. With the help of the wind and the paper dollar it would float for a while and was very unpredictable. The kids had their turn.
And so did the big boys. The girls also got a turn but we only got video of that.
We also won tickets to Disneyland on the radio. If you remember, we have won tickets to Disneyland before and had a blast. This time we are going alone and taking Jules for a day. We are so excited and Jules can't wait to meet all of the princesses. We will be able to enjoy 2 days by ourselves and 1 day with Jules, maybe 2. We still haven't decided what to do since she is free and we have 4, 2-day park hopper passes. Thanks 101.9 The End.