Friday, January 29, 2010

Before and After

We have been busy, and here are a few of the reasons why...
Libby just turned 8 months old yesterday. She is growing like a weed and doesn't stop. She is crawling and gets everywhere she wants. I love this because she gets what she wants instead of expecting me to know what that is.

She is usually happy...if she is getting attention. She is spoiled rotten though, because I just love her and her snuggles, so much that I end up holding her a lot.

If you look close you can see Libby's 2 front teeth on the bottom. She popped her second tooth out yesterday.
Jules, of course needed some attention too.
Aren't those eyes identical? Jules weighs 29 lbs and Libby weighs 20 lbs. They are 2 years and 10 days apart. Is there something wrong with that? On a plus side, Libby doesn't spit up as much any more. She did today though, because her tummy did not like the plums she had for breakfast. We gave her plums because she tends to not poop very much. Hence the 20 lbs.
Last week we were all sick. The girls had a small case of RSV which included a nasty deep cough. It lasted Jules about 10 days. I got a sinus infection at the same time along with the same cough. Thank goodness it is mostly gone.

This is our new set of wheels. We sold our car, which was a huge blessing, and sold it right after finally finding a van that we wanted. So far we love it.
We also got new phones. Yay! We have unlimited texting, unlimited internet, and unlimited mobile to ANY mobile...and pay the exact same each month. We have never had text messaging before, because we are so cheap. So it has been nice.
I have been on a huge 'blue' kick lately. These pillows got me started on a little theme for a few of our rooms in the house. I love blue and the calming effect it gives.
This is my new jewelry organizer that I LOVE.
New curtains for our bedroom that I made and love.
This is a before picture of our tiny bathroom. It did have some color to it with decorations but I forgot to take a picture with it. So here it is, as plain as can be.

And the after picture... I just did this yesterday, so we are still getting used to it. So far, I'm in love.

This is our bathroom downstairs before...
And after... It's the same blue. The vanity still needs help, but that will have to come later.
Our family room before....
And after.... I just added curtains and pillows. It still needs more but I just haven't found the perfect things to go in it yet. It all comes slowly with a house.
This is a couch table we got from a friend. I liked it but the colors were wrong. So this is before...
And after... Don't mind the picture, I don't develop pictures very often, so we get to enjoy some of Heidi and Jesse's engagement pictures until I do.
Life has been crazy busy and we love it. Here is another new found love of mine You definitely need to check them out.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas..oh ya, and Brett's birthday

The slacker has returned to do another post.
Christmas has come and gone and it was a great one. We were busy...which is a reason for the lack of posts. I did a lot of homemade gifts this year and it was very time consuming. I don't have a lot of pictures to show my hard work but here are a few of the things we did.

We just had to a do a gingerbread house. The point was for Jules to help and have fun doing it. Brett and I got too into it to have her help out though. She mostly just ate some candy and picked at it the next day.
Yet another shot of Jules in Libby's bed. I went in Libby's room on Saturday and she was naked. No pajamas and no diaper. There is no way Libby could have done it, so I asked Jules if she went in there and she proudly admitted that it was her.

We always get together with my family on Christmas Eve...which is also Brett's birthday. This is how we spent some of the time. We had an air hockey tournament where even grandma played. Of course she a grand kid, but how's keeping track of that? Brett and Ron duked it out for the championship. Ron won.
We even had homemade root beer.
Of course, the tradition of new pajamas. Jules got princess...
...and Libby got...drunk?
Oh, there she is. She just got cute Christmas ones.
Christmas morning Jules woke up to find a play house with a few accessories...and a few presents to open. It was so fun to see her get all excited for each gift. She thought she was done and was content with things, but then she would get another one, and another. She was even a huge helper and opened Libby's presents for her.
Libby was a pretty happy girl too. Of course she played with the wrapping paper more than anything.
Brett being Brett. This is a cute saying that Heidi gave us. We love it.
Yay, I got an itouch, ihome, and a shuffle. I love them all so much.
Oh wait, notice the lack of presents for Brett. You see, a few weeks before Christmas, I went out and got myself an ipod. (Yes, I believe we were the only ones in the country that didn't have one; we don't have text either so call us old fashioned). So, I gave it to Brett to wrap up to give me on Christmas. A while later I was looking for something in his desk drawer and found an itouch. I had told Brett to get his own gifts because I never get him what he wants and he ends up exchanging a few things. I wasn't going to have that happen again this year so he was in charge of himself.

So when I saw the itouch, I figured it was for him because I got the ipod classic. Well, he had gone and sold the ipod to get the itouch to surprise me. So, I didn't get him anything for Christmas, assuming the itouch was his and that was enough. He did get some birthday presents the day before, but nothing for Christmas. Ya, I felt rotten all day. I love my itouch though:) More than I thought I would. He has since, gone out and purchased his own itouch so I don't feel so bad anymore.
New Years Eve night Brett had to sing in the Assembly Hall. I figured I would go listen to the performance because I hadn't heard it before. We left Libby with grandma and papa and head up to SLC. We had to be there early, so while Brett warmed up his voice, Jules and I went around and looked at things. She is obsessed with temples. If you ask her what she is going to do, she says "Get married in the temple, have to find prince first". We had a lot of fun. She wouldn't smile for pictures but she was really happy.

We even rode tracks for a little bit so she could get that experience. She loved it.
This is at the end Brett's performance. He sings with the Saltaires, a barbershop chorus. Even though I'm not a huge barbershop fan, they did a really good job.
Jules being super cheesy for this picture to show off the apron I made her for Christmas.
Heidi got married and moved out. We missed the wedding in San Diego but got to be there for the open house. It was beautiful and Heidi looked beautiful. Jules loved dancing with "The Princess".