Tuesday, February 17, 2009

BYU game/Valentine's/Random Pictures

I guess it's about time to update my blog. There are a lot of pictures so I hope you enjoy and don't get too bored. These are pictures of the BYU game where Brett and his group, Hangtime, sang. They did a great job and it was estimated that about 16,000 people were actually at that game. It was kind of cool because we got to be right up close to the players while we were waiting for half time. They are really tall.

At first the crowd wasn't too excited about a barbershop group singing. I mean honestly, who likes barbershop? (don't tell Brett I said that) By the end of their first song they were really cheering them on and wanted more. His group was actually on channel 2 news at noon Thursday so that was pretty cool. This is their 2nd time on the news.
Jules loves dogs. She isn't even afraid of big ones. This is not good news to me. I never really wanted a dog because I hate dog hair everywhere and hate dog kisses. Seeing her love for dogs, I am pretty sure we will have one sooner rather than later. We just need to find a house first.
This is Jules as my little Cinderella. She actually kept this "bonnet" thing on for all of church. She looks so stinking cute in it.
She also loves to get her picture taken. She usually ends up saying "cheese" after the picture has been taken but we we are doing better.
For the President's Day/Valentine's Day weekend, we headed down to good ol St. George. This is how we tried to keep Jules entertained. She has this sudden love for "toons" or rather cartoons. She looked so cute in her car seat and head phones. We were hit with some pretty nasty weather but made it down safely with some detours.
Friday night we headed down to Mesquite for a seafood buffet. This was our "Valentine's dinner". Not too romantic with a kid and a buffet but it sure was good. We usually end up going to Panda Express because 1) We love(d) it, 2) We don't have to fight any crowds, and 3) I don't have to cook. Jules got her first ice cream cone at the buffet and LOVED it.
We went down with Brett's parents and planned on meeting his uncle down there. He ended up canceling on us last minute so there was an extra room. They thought that maybe there was a small chance that Brett's brother, Matt, and his family from Arizona could come up. With a little faith and lots of hope we called and they dropped everything and came. We rarely get to see them because it is such a long drive and they now have 5 kids. Not fun in a small van for 10 hours. They figured 7 hours wasn't as bad. We were able to enjoy the weekend even more than we thought. We got less sleep but it was well worth it. This is Megan aka "Mae Mae" with Brett. She is so funny, she loves to suck her thumb and hold someone else's ear. She is very good about asking you if she can hold it though. It's the funniest thing I've ever seen. It actually ends up putting me to sleep.
This is our future All-Star basketball player.
Some of the other kids watching a movie. Jules loved all the attention she got from her older cousins. Although there were times that she was a little overwhelmed and got a little jealous because she didn't get ALL the attention. It was good for her though.
We went to the St. George temple to watch a new movie they were showing. Jules loves Jesus so it was kind of fun for her to see a big version of him rather than the little ones we have around the house.

This is baby Elie. Jules loves babies and has been pretty good when I hold one. It was a little too much for her at times, but they were able to have some fun.
Jules loves Papa. Ross got to spend some time with his little grand babies on the patio swing. I don't know who enjoyed it more, the kids, grandpa, or the moms.
Jules doesn't have a backpack but found Megan's and loved it. She just looks so grown up.
The car ride home.
Brett has taught Jules to pull faces. She now looks in the mirror and pulls her cheeks down to make her eyes look funny. She will also hold her nose up and pull her mouth apart. It is the funniest thing.
We went swimming the other day and she insisted on wearing the diaper cover over her pants. Where do these kids get these crazy ideas?
I am now almost 25 weeks and getting a bulge in my stomach and starting to really look pregnant; seeing as I have gained about 18 pounds now. I just had an appointment today and things are looking right on schedule and the baby looks healthy. Sorry, still no pregnant pictures of me. I'll try to remember.

We are still looking for a house. We have one we could get and like, but it needs a lot of work so we are trying to decide if it's worth it or not. In the meantime we will keep on looking.