Saturday, December 15, 2007

She found her thumb

Is it too late for her to discover her thumb and start sucking on it like an addict? The other day she was sucking it just like a thumb sucker. She actually had her pinky sticking up too. I thought it was the cutest thing ever but am grateful she isn't a thumb sucker. She hasn't really done it since but I just had to take a picture of it to share while it lasted.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas is almost here!!!

My mom got this cute little sleigh and Jules just fit right in it so I had to take a cute little picture of her in it. She wasn't a huge fan. This is one of the few that I got where she wasn't crying. Me and Jules in front of our Christmas tree. It's not the best picture since I was taking it by myself, but hey a mom has to have a few pictures with her little princess. So our new biggest thing is that Jules is eating solid foods now. She loves them. As you can see with the lack of pictures I have of her smiling, she is smiling in her new high chair because she knows she's going to get some new food. She seriously already feels so much heavier to me. She will down a stage 2 jar of baby food without a problem. She'll actually cry for more but I know it will just make her sick. I thought I wouldn't like this stage because it takes so much more time to feed her but I love it because she loves it.
Here she is eating a popcicle/monkey bar. She was so excited. Watch her inhale it.
Haha, do you really think I would let her eat the whole thing. The pictures are actually in reverse. My sister gave her the last of one she was eating and she wanted more so we had to open a new one and we only let her have a little bit of the big one. She loved it though and wanted more. Luckily she wasn't sick that night.

Brett thought it would be fun one day to have his hair combed up. He figured we weren't going anywhere that day so here he is looking like he belongs in the 80's, watching TV with Jules.
The sad part is that it was cold yesterday so I put a hat on Jules and by the time I took it off, her hair was doing the same thing. She really does look like Brett. I couldn't really get a good picture of it so here you get the old lady/bitter beer face with the crazy hair.
So that's our lives in a nutshell. We were planning on leaving for Disneyland tomorrow but our information packet that Disneyland is supposed to send us still hasn't come. We thought about going anyway and just paying for it since that was the plan anyway but decided that we should save the money since we can go some other time for free. Now the problem is I have to worry about Christmas presents. Disneyland was our Christmas but since we aren't going my plans have had to change. Brett just finished his last final tonight so now he's bumbed that we don't have anything planned over the break. He only has one more semester until he's done and we are so excited.

We were pretty excited tonight because our friend from our new branch was on Deal or No Deal. She is crazy. She ended up with $50,000 and got a $12,000 package to go see Wicked on broadway, got to be on stage, meet all the cast, got a limo ride there, and some other stuff like glinda's wand(only one in the world) and stuff. It was fun to watch her on TV. Yay for Mary.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Dinner and Cell Phones

By the title you might think that I have a comment on not answering your phones during dinner. I used to get really frustrated about cell phones and people using them too much and what not and I have to admit that I am one of those. I'm on my phone a lot and love the convenience of cell phones which brings me to the topic I would really like to address. We recently changed cell phone providers and have been more than disappointed with them. We had T-mobile which we never really had problems with except we couldn't get coverage in our apartment. So we went to Cingular and they promised we would be happy with them and we were given 30 days to cancel with no charges. Well let me just tell you that is a big fat lie! We want to cancel and now it's going to cost us over $200 to do so. It is this big fat mess and I just want to advertise to anyone who is out there looking for a new cell phone to not go with Cingular/AT&T. I was also wondering which provider you all use and love. Please respond and let us know what you have tried also or if you have had issues with other companies for us to avoid problems in the future.

Also, I know I'm a chef, I'm not the best chef but I did go to school for it, and worked in the food industry for at least 5 years. Having said this I still have problems coming up with ideas for dinner. So here I am asking you guys what some of your favorite dishes are to eat/make. I always hear older women complaining that it's hard to cook for just 2 people after raising a family of 5 or whatever the numbers are. Try cooking for hundreds at a time and down sizing to 2. So please reply and help us out, we are getting desperate. Thanks so much.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Disneyland here we come!!!

All last week I was waking up at 7:15 to listen to FM100 because that's when they announce the time of day that they will be giving 4-3day park hopper passes to Disneyland. Every day we would try to win and we never got through. Well today I totally forgot to wake up and listen but luckily Brett joined the loyal listener club and they e-mailed him the time. So at 10:00 this morning we started listening and called in when they said to call in and Brett is so amazing and got through and was caller #10. That's what caller you have to be to win. We are soooo excited. There were days that we were planning on not going because of expense and days that we were going to go so it has just been an on and off thing but now we are going. There is an ultimate get away but we didn't win that which includes the flight but we did win the tickets and 2 nights at a hotel. So Disneyland here we come. I tried to keep telling people that we were going to win and we did. My mom says that we have so much luck and I just told her that it's because we actually try. Most people think that they will never win so they don't try. Even if we didn't win at least we tried. I just have to give a shout out to Ashley for trying to call in for me that one day for the ultimate dream get-away. YAY!!!