Wednesday, January 30, 2008

President Hinckley

I loved how he "used" his cane.
Did he ever not smile?
I'm so comforted to know that they are now together after almost 4 years. Isn't this such a great picture of her?
Just look at the two of them together.
He is the Prophet that has meant the most to me in my lifetime. He is going to be known for all the Temples he built. Can you just imagine the party going on in heaven with all the people that have been blessed because we could do their work for them here on earth because we have more Temples to do them in? Think of the other things that have happened in the time he's served though. The Family Proclamation, the Perpetual Education Fund, the Conference Center, the reconstruction of the Tabernacle, the traveling, the interviews, and the positive attitude he always had for the youth. He was such an amazing man and such a great influence and example to all of us. May we all remember and honor him.

Luckiest Parents Ever

I just have to brag a little because we seriously are the luckiest parents ever. Jules has literally slept through the night since she was 3 weeks old. She hardly ever cries. If she does cry it's just because she's hungry or tired. Now that she can sit on her own she is perfectly content to just sit and play with her basket of toys and books. She loves being read to so I'll just sit and read her books and she'll sit still and listen. Here are some examples of her just playing with her toys.

Here's a picture of Jules hanging out with Grandpa Wilson. He was watching some sports and took her in with him and I didn't see her for about an hour. When I did go to check on her she just smiled and showed that she was having a great time.
I have to take her to work with me for a little over an hour on the days that I work and she'll just sit on my desk and allow me to work. I really don't know how we got so lucky. The other day I was working and ran home to get something. I walked in and Jules was asleep on the living room floor by all of her toys. Brett was on the computer and hadn't even realized it because she didn't fuss at all like she usually does when she's tired so he just thought she was still playing. Right when I was about ready to take a picture she woke up but it was so sweet. All I have to say is that I'm terrified for #2 to come. I've heard of way too many people having great first kids only to have a nightmare of a second. Don't worry though, #2 is not even close to coming so don't think this is any sort of an announcement.

Since Jules is on the floor most of her waking hours, she has discovered to scoot. She doesn't do it often, only if a toy is close enough that she can almost reach it. She hasn't discovered her hands and knees working together like a normal crawl yet so she just does the "army crawl" type thing. It's really cute. I'm excited for her to learn how to crawl but mostly I'm just terrified that our little angel is going to turn bad on us. For now we will just keep enjoying her.

To update you all on the movie we were in, I have some bad news. You can see me for about 1/2 a second and only my back as I round a corner way far in the distance. Good news for Brett is that you can see the back of his head for about 20 seconds. In that scene, he's right behind Neal McDonough and they are the only 2 in the scene...if I remember correctly. There are a couple of other times where Brett said he saw himself but I didn't see it because they were quick shots. It was a really good movie though and we recommend it to all of you. It won't come out for another several months though because they are going to make a few changes after seeing the reviews on it. In the mean time check this video out: The main kid in this short film lives in our building and also works at Comedy Sportz. They won the LDS filmfestival short film for this. He was also called in by Chunga from 101.9 THE END, to be one of the new guys because Mister got "let go" since Chunga demanded more money. Anyway, they have been trying out about 10 different people for the new position so we are all hoping Matt gets the job.

Friday, January 18, 2008

We're on the big screen

So last summer/fall Brett, Kyle and I were extras in a movie called "Forever Strong". That movie is actually going to be at the LDS film festival tomorrow night at the Scera movie theather. I know that many of you won't read this in time but if you want to join us Saturday night you might be able to see us on the big screen. This is pretty exciting stuff. Probably about a week after shooting for that movie we were also in a Subway commercial. Sad part is that it was only going to be shown in Florida so we don't get to see if we made it in the shot. It was when they were still advertising with Jared so we met Jared and everything. Shorty after that they started advertising the "Eat Fresh" commercials so it probably wasn't on for very long. We did make $50 a piece for it though. We actually thought about getting an agent to start getting us more gigs and making it big in the "extra" world but decided we didn't want to spend $700 on head shots. People really get into it and you can so easily get sucked into that world and we didn't want it to be like that. For more info you can go to

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Lots of Pictures

First of all as you can see we found our camera. Actually we didn't find it, it was sent to us by Brett's brother who accidentally must have taken it when they went home to Arizona. Thanks for sending it back guys. To set things straight we never thought anyone stole it. It's good to have it back and to know that we didn't lose all of our Christmas pictures.
Secondly, Jules started this really weird thing on Sunday of scrunching her nose. It's so stinking cute that I just can't get enough of it. This is an example of her doing although it's not the best picture you can kind of see it. It's so adorable you just have to see it in person.
This is how we've decided it's the easiest to eat dinner in peace. Jules just sits up on the table and is happy just to be by us. I fed her a little mashed up bananas also which she loves. We do have a high chair for her and she loves it but at dinner this is where she is the most content. I came home from work today and this is what I found Brett and Jules doing. It was so cute. She was even singing along for a while. She loves to sing along to the radio also, we've decided she's probably an alto. We put her up to the piano yesterday and she loved it. We might just have a little musican already coming out of her shell.
Here are a few Christmas pictures that we wanted to share.
This pictures was actually taken the two days before she was sitting on her own. Most of the pictures I got that night were of her falling but I did get one cute one with her smiling. There is nothing better than a naked baby, add a santa hat and it doesn't get much better than that.
These were her Chrismas P.J.'s. If you click on the picture you can see how red her eyes were because it was so late. The sad part is that we woke her up the next morning super early to open presents; she was so good despite all she had gone through already.
This is her focusing on "opening" her present. She was way more interested in the ribbon.
After a while she got the hang of her new present and loves her glow worm. She is all girl inside and is so happy whenever we show her her doll and her glow worm.
Grandpa Mac surprised us all by his visit on Christmas night. It was great to see him again and had this great idea to get a 4 generation picture. We don't get to see him much so it was a nice surprise. He has actually gained the nickname of "Mac Daddy" since he's been married about 7 times. Go grandpa!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Christmas and other good stuff

So I realized that I like to just read peoples blogs and pictures really aren't that important so I guess I'll blog now. I'm really sad about our camera and we are still trying to find it especially because it had all of Christmas on it but I'm not too worried. We had a great Christmas. As many of you know, Brett's birthday is Christmas Eve but I have to say that we didn't do too much for it. We did go see "I am Legend" so that was fun. My family always has a party and dinner on Christmas Eve so we had that and did white elephant. Then we slept over at Brett's parents and woke up at 6:00am with Brett's nieces and nephews to open presents. It was a lot of fun to wake Jules up and she was so good. She didn't open presents very well but once we got home I showed her her gifts which were a doll and a glow worm and she loved them. She also got this cute butterfly thing and some block things. She really loves them and is all girl, it's so cute. Oh and she loves this talking cell phone that my niece left at our place. We had a good Christmas ourselves and decided to just buy our own gifts so we got what we wanted and didn't have to stress about getting the other person gifts. In the past I wouldn't have liked this idea but it was great this time. The most exciting part is that Jules just started to sit on her own on Christmas Eve. It's so funny how things happen all of a sudden like that. Seriously like 2 days before that I was trying to get her to sit and she just kept falling over. Now she is a pro and will do it for hours. Ok, not that long but still, she doesn't fall over. She's growing so fast and is always happy, she's so much fun now that she interacts more.

So I was just reading my sister-in-laws blog about her house being/not being haunted and I was brought back to a few days ago where I was totally freaked out. I went to my in-laws to do some laundry for them because we are taking care of their condos while they are out of town. I parked right next to the garage and Jules and I went inside for about 10 minutes maybe. I came out and started the car and there was a light on saying that my trunk was open. I thought that was kind of weird so I got out and closed it but noticed some foot tracks in the snow leading to the trunk from the drivers side but that's all. The tracks didn't go anywhere else. They could have been from before I guess but nobody else had parked there before to my knowledge since the snow was pretty fresh the day I went. I also know that I didn't pop my trunk or go close to that button in the car. There weren't footsteps coming in the driveway or from anywhere else. When I did close the trunk I did open it and there was nothing there. The only thing I could think of was that someone was in the garage when I got there and came out, opened the car and opened the trunk then went back into hiding in the garage. I know it's a pretty far stretch but what else am I supposed to think? I wasn't scared at the time and didn't think much of it but I keep thinking about it and now I'm scared to go over there. I could have pushed the button on the key-less entry to open the trunk and that's what I had decided before and that's why I wasn't scared before but it still doesn't explain the footsteps. So where Melissa's house is haunted, Ross and Tammy's is just invaded while they are out of town.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

What happened?

Yes, we do realize it's been WAY too long since we've updated the blog. We've seemed to have lost our camera, ya know the machine that has all our pictures on it. And we all know that you don't like to just read stuff but rather look at the pictures so as soon as someone admits to stealing it and returns it to us, we'll be up and running again. In the mean time, short, ugly paragraphs will have to do.