Wednesday, June 24, 2009

4 Weeks

Life has been a little busy adjusting to 2 kids. Jules is still acting up a lot more and is a lot more needy and demanding. Libby on the other hand is an angel. She is growing like crazy and I almost can't stand it. Why can't they just stay tiny for a little bit longer? She will be 4 weeks old tomorrow and the time has flown by so fast. Here she is at 2 weeks.
Here we are at Libby's 2 week appointment. Jules was having a rough day and Libby was being a little camera shy.
She has this big head and big belly but tiny chicken legs and arms. Her 2 week appointment went really well. She was at 8.5 pounds which was up quite a bit and grew 1/4 of an inch. Not sure on the percentiles because I forgot to ask for them.
More 2 week pictures. Notice her eating her hand...again. I really do feed the kid.
Here is a miscommunication problem Brett and I had. Jules was upstairs watching cartoons and Brett was downstairs with Libby when I ran to Wal-Mart. I yelled down the stairs telling him to put Jules to bed while I was gone and he thought I said I was putting her to bed. So the whole time I was at Wal-Mart, Jules had free reign to the whole upstairs. Usually that's not a huge deal because she's pretty good and usually doesn't leave my side. Not the case this time. Brett called me as I was leaving Wal-Mart asking me where the camera was. I got home to find this...

That would be a whole tub of Bed Head Manipulator stuff. I use about a pea size amount when I use it. It just teases and seperates the hair a little. Jules always wants to play with it when she sees me using it but I have never let her. So, beeing as she had the place to herself she opened it and did what she thought mommy did. Looks like she even tried to use my flat iron. It was such a mess to clean up and get out of her hair. When I discovered what had happened I couldn't stop laughing, too bad Jules didn't have the same feeling after getting in trouble.

This is me and a mission friend Elisha. She was actually due about 2 weeks before me but ended up having her baby 3 days before me. She went over and I went early but he still looks about 2+ weeks older because he was big. I don't realize how dark Libby's skin is until I put her up to someone else with not so dark skin. It was fun meeting baby Harrison and seeing the proud parents.
For Father's Day we went over to Brett's parents to have dessert. Jules was so excited to get some ice cream. She stuck the ball of ice cream on her fork and went to town...and it went all down her dress.
Here is Libby about 30 minutes ago. She and Jules have some similar features like their noses and lips; the head shape is totally different though which makes them look completely different.
Libby is definetly growing much faster than Jules did at her age. Jules spit everything up and had a hard time gaining weight. Libby is not having a problem in that department at all. She does spit up a bit but nothing like Jules.
Here is one of many pictures that we got of Libby on Monday night. I still haven't seen any of them, I had to steal this on from Kellie's blog. She took a bunch of naked pictures of Libby outside and she was so good. We actually wanted her to sleep so she wouldn't move so much but she stayed awake the whole time. Comparing the picture above and this one below it's hard to believe it is the same baby, they look completely different.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Updated pictures of Libby

We have been busy adjusting to the new addition. Jules loves to hold Libby and Libby is usually pretty good when Jules is holding her. Jules loves to take her binki out of her mouth and put it back in. It's great fun. This was while we were still in the hospital.
This is last Sunday after church. It's funny because the first couple of days Jules forgot all about Libby in the mornings. She would wake up and after a while say, "Oh ya, baby".

One of Libby's favorite things to do is cover her eyes.
This is her one week old picture. Isn't she an angel?
Daddy, Jules and Libby
This is Jules during another one of her naps. Who can sleep like that? She was completely out and didn't wake up or budge while I took the picture.
Grandpa loves Libby too. I went over there the other day and pulled Libby out of her car seat and he was really surprised because he had forgotten that I had a baby. He was just so excited to see Jules.
Libby's first real bath. She actually loved it and didn't cry once.
Our failed attempt at taking a quick family picture. Libby was screaming and Jules was so serious...What do you do?
Libby covering her eyes again.
This is Libby today. She also loves to eat her hand. She started this right after she was born and I had to call the nurse in to give me a binki because you can take binki's away but you can't take fingers away. I do not want a finger/thumb sucker.
Jules has been pretty needy and not quite as good of a big sister as we had hoped. She loves Libby but needs lots of attention. Too many new things all at once and she just hasn't known what to do about it all.
Libby has been an angel baby. She only wakes up at 3 am and then again at 7 am for feedings. It is very different having 2 kids but we are doing pretty good. Brett got 5 days of paternity leave so he was home most of last week which was really helpful. I have recovered really quickly and feel great. I didn't get any stitches again so I really haven't been sore at all...except the "twins". Gotta love adjusting to breast feeding. We love our little Libby and couldn't be more blessed.