Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Father's Day

I know I'm a little late with Father's Day and all but I did want to say how much I appreciate Brett. He is a great dad and a great husband. Here are a few pictures that I love of Brett and Jules. I know you've already seen some of these but they are just cute so you have to see them again.
How sweet is that?
This weekend we took Jules swimming for the first time. She didn't hate it but didn't love it. She was just calm the whole time and had fun.
We just went to the apartment complex we used to live and work at. It's kind of a social hang out for college students but just kept to ourselves and had fun.

I just want to vent a little. I'm getting really frustrated with the job market around here. Brett had a job but was always looking for something more because it didn't offer the family benefits we need. Finally he and his boss talked and since Brett wasn't happy there, they decided not to waste each other's time so he stopped working there at the beginning of the week. He has had some interviews but they are all the same, "You don't have enough experience". My question to all of you is, how the heck are you supposed to get experience if nobody will hire you? He graduated in the top 1% of his class and can't find a decent paying job with benefits. I know so many people that decided not to go to college and are making bank. Brett tries to do what he thinks is best and is ending up getting screwed(for lack of a better word). I know that something will come up but it just sucks waiting for it.

Jules has had a fever for the past 2 days because she is teething. This is the first time it's been really painful for her. It's the saddest thing. Jules is officially walking and loving it.
Living at my parents' house hasn't been as bad as we thought. Jules sleeps a lot more since the basement is darker. She gets spoiled rotten by grandma and grandpa when they get home from work. We all just help each other out and things are going great. Now if we could just get Brett a job...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

No longer a baby

The other day when I got her hair all in pig tails, I put her on my nieces little tricycle and she loved it. She's growing up so fast and these pictures are proof. Look how big she looks. Lucky for me, she couldn't reach the peddles so I am still needed which makes me feel good.

I am trying to grow my hair out. It seems to be taking forever though. I usually get a hair cut when I feel a need to change something. I haven't been able to do that so instead I get to experiment on Jules. First it was the pig tails, which I am in love with now. Today I went a different route. I was giving her head a break from the pig tails and as I was brushing it I realized how much natural curl there is. Now I know you wouldn't guess it from the above pictures but look at this...
Instead of brushing it straight, I just ran my fingers through it after and this happened. Lou, if you thought Jules looked like Brett before, don't these pictures really make her look like him when he was a baby? The pictures didn't really turn out good but hopefully enough for you to get an idea.

I do have to say that she sits amazingly still while I do her hair. I just let her play with Brett's toothbrush and she's perfectly content.