Wednesday, November 23, 2011

3 Months

Yup, they are 3 months old. Actually they are 3 months and 1 1/2 weeks to be more precise. I started posting pictures last week and haven't gotten around to finishing up until now. Jane and Kate are getting to be so much fun though.

Jules and Libby were both taking a nap the other day so I just had the twins. We just sat there and played together and my heart was full of so much love for them. I wondered why I was so scared or sad that I was ever having twins. It is seriously so much fun having two and I hope it just gets more fun as they become older and better friends. They smile so easily now and talk to us too. About 2 weeks ago I had them lying on the floor next to each other and they were talking to each other. It was the cutest thing. Jane talks the most and smiles at us all of the time. Jane loves Jules. Jules takes a special liking to Jane because her names starts with a J just like hers. Kate smiles with her whole face. Her eyes light up and it shows throughout her whole face.

This is an older picture from when Kate was still on oxygen. I just love their tiny bums. I had my other kids sleeping on their stomachs by now but not with them. They don't seem to like it as much which I guess is good since it's not recommended by the docs.

We didn't do much for Halloween. It was a huge pain leaving the house with Kate and her oxygen. We did go to a few parties. This was a small party some friends from our old ward put on. We also went to Brett's work party at Adobe but those pictures are on my phone. (Brett has also switched back to his old job since then. Adobe didn't have any prospect of hiring him on as a full time employee. We did it for a year and he did love the job but we really need health insurance so he went back.) I was a witch just because that's the only costume I really have. I'm not a huge Halloween lover. Libby was Tinkerbell and Jules just put one of her dress-ups on. She calls it her Steeshee dress. I don't know who Steeshee is but it is what it is.

Brett holding both of the babies. They have their fussy time at night when he is home so we do a lot of this sometimes when the other is busy. We don't get much done at night since they need the extra attention then. Luckily, it is when he is home so I don't have to do it all on my own. Having both babies cry at the same time is the hardest part with having twins. Lately they have been sleeping through the night. They did it two nights in a row a few days ago then woke up again in the night for a few nights. Last night they slept through the night again so things are definitely looking good.

Kate and her tongue
I love how they both have the same shocked/surprised look. Kate is in the pink and Jane is in the yellow.
11 week old pictures.

Kate on the left and Jane on the right. We got these outfits from 2 totally different people, how funny is that? I love them, they are so cute.

This is how they sleep at night. Both on their backs with their hands stretched out to the side.

I've been pretty good about making a decent meal even with the babies. I'm home a lot more so that gives me a little more time to actually cook. We've kind of strayed away from my no cooking on Friday nights rule though. I will ask the kids what they want for dinner and Jules always says she wants chicken, pasta, and fruit. Well, we've done that a lot and I've come up with different pasta renditions but it just doesn't work to have that every night obviously. For lunch they always say they want peanut butter and jelly, mac cheese, and peaches. I never do it for lunch and tell them to choose one of them, not both. Well, one night I didn't care and I didn't want to fight the kids on finishing their food so that's exactly what I made. It was easy and I didn't have to think of a meal idea. Here is the proof.

We ended up doing canned pears instead of peaches to change it up a little and the pears were old and going bad. When Jules told Brett what we were having, Brett said we should have fruit loops too(as a joke). Well, I added some of them to our meal as well. I did make BLTs for Brett and me so it wasn't all that bad.

I was doing laundry during their fussy time so I had a baby lying on my legs and that's where she fell asleep.
13 weeks old which was 1 day before their 3 month old pictures.

Kate is obviously winning the fight.
They wore these outfits while they were in the hospital and they were huge. Now they fit perfectly but it's too cold to actually wear them. I saw a cute idea on pinterest that has the babies wearing the same outfit month after month to compare their size. That's what I'm planning on doing with these outfits. It's cute because by 12 months they are totally huge and bursting out of them.
Jules wanted to take a picture of me and then she wanted some pictures of her too. She's one crazy kid.

We didn't put Jules in preschool this year again 1)we are too cheap to pay for it, 2) I didn't want to have to worry about hauling the babies around during the cold winter months, and 3)We knew we were moving but didn't know where or when so we didn't find one in this new area. So I have taken on the roll of teaching Jules myself. I bought a book called "How to teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons". It is such a good book and teaches them to read with 15 minutes of practice each day. We have missed a few days but stick to it for the most part. She gets frustrated at times but she is learning to read and learns to write her letters along with the lessons. I love seeing how excited she gets when she reads new words. It's pretty fun but I definitely would never have enough patients to home school full time.

Kate looks like the bigger kid here but they are actually weighing pretty close to the same.
Their 2 month check up put them both in the 3 percentile. Jane weighed in at 8lbs. 11oz, 21 inches long and 14.5 inch head circumference. Kate was 8 lbs. 10 oz. 21 inches long, and head was 15 inches in circumference which made her head jump up to the 22 percentile in her head. Jane's face is longer like Jules' was and Kate's face is more round like Libby's was. It's pretty funny how their personalities are more alike also. Jane and Jules are alike and so are Kate and Libby. Jane spits up a lot and Jules spit up a ton. Jane is all around a bit more happy like Jules was. Kate and Libby are both a bit more feisty.

I have been strictly bottle feeding them with my milk. I pump 3 times a day and that gives me enough milk to last the day. They are both drinking about 4 ounces each feeding which is great. They will still nurse if I want them to or need them to which is nice. I keep them on the same feeding schedule and they will drink a bottle while they are sleeping so that's a big part of why I do bottles. They will not nurse if they are sleeping. A lot of the time one of them is crying for food while the other is still sleeping so it works best to have bottles.

We are trying this new thing with Jules and Libby so we spend some special one on one time with them. Each month on their birth date one of us will take them out by themselves. Some times we will do something special like bowling or something fun. Other times it will be that they just get to run errands with mommy by themselves and get ice cream. That's what it was for both of them this time (which was the 1st time we've done it). It's nothing special but it's something where they feel a little important. It's really sad when Jules is gone though because Libby just wanders the house bored. She will even ask to go to bed. She just doesn't know what to do without Jules. They fight like siblings but love each other like best friends too.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

9 weeks old and loving it!

The babies have been home for 3 1/2 weeks now and are 9 weeks old today. They say that twins are delayed 2 weeks so on Thursday they will gestationally be 42 weeks meaning that on Thursday they will finally be at the stage of a normal newborn born at 40 weeks. I haven't had a doctor appointment for a few weeks, so I'm not sure how much they weigh. My guess is that Jane weighs about as much as Libby when she was born which is 7 lbs. 13 oz. and Kate is a little smaller than that, maybe 7 lbs. 3 oz. That's just my guess. We have an appointment next week. Kate is still on oxygen and we aren't enjoying that much. She gets frustrated with it and tries to pull it off all of the time. Hopefully by the end of this week she will be ready to get rid of it. We will do another trial run sometime this week to see how she is doing.

They are still wearing newborn clothes but have surpassed the preemie outfits which is nice. These outfits that my old mission companion gave me are so cute. I love the whole animal print theme going on in their bed. This was towards the end of our time at the hospital. I just wanted to remember how it all was with them in the hospital, so bare with me.

They had to do a test with them in the car seats for 90 minutes to make sure their breathing stayed steady while in the car. They passed.

This was taken after feeding them one day in the hospital. When I nurse them I do it tandem football style so I'm not feeding babies all day long. I always feed them at the same time to keep them on the same feeding schedule so I can get some sleep at night. This was after a feeding while I was trying to burp them. It's hard work I tell you. I got exhausted and just let them fall into each other.

Another shot of what we saw in the hospital. This was their bed, it kind of looks like a mini prison cell or something. They would cover the top up to block out the light and let them sleep as much as possible.

I had some of the best nurses. This is Lisa, she was one of my primary nurses that stuck with me through the good and bad days. She took great care of us. She was so amazing that her mom even made us blessing dresses. We had a cousin make some and she was there when I got them and they were really short. So just had the cousin make them a bit longer and it wasn't a big deal. She didn't know that and felt really bad for us and was telling her mom and her mom felt super bad and made us some gorgeous blessing dresses. They are super cute and long and beautiful but when I put them on the babies they were too big. I would have used them anyway but they were falling off their shoulders big. We went with the ones that Brett's cousin made and they were perfect. I feel really bad but that's the kind of awesome nurses we had at the hospital.

This is Jennifer (Jen) another favorite nurse of ours. This was departure day so she came down to the van with us so we could bring the babies home.

Lisa and Jen are actually really good friends and they ended up both working on the day we left and helped us get them ready to come home. They finally came home on Friday, September 30th.

These are the bands that I had to wear for the 5 1/2 weeks. They were my entrance into the hospital and my way of getting them out of the hospital. The blue one changed every day.

This was the plan for the week to get them home. They had to pass all of these feeding tests before they would let them come home.

6 week pictures weren't the easiest to take...

Jules and Libby have adjusted super well to the babies. They love holding them, but we don't get super happy with them when they try to do it when we aren't there to help them. Luckily it doesn't happen too often.....but it does happen.

Blessing day

Grandpa Wilson holding Jane

Adoree holding Jane

You can sort of get a glimpse of our house from this picture. We had a great turn out with most of our family. My nephew actually got baptized earlier that day so we did it on the same day while all the family was together. My sister also came into town for the festivities and sent her family back home and stayed for a week to help me out.

Family picture time.

Kellie with Jane...Jane is the easier one to pass around because Kate has the oxygen tubes and monitor.

Such a proud mom...

and dad.

Sydney holding Kate. Most of the time the kids wanted to hold Jane because they were scared of the cords.

At first Tyler said he didn't want to hold the babies at all. That changed within seconds and he loved holding the babies and tried to give each baby equal time.

I've been addicted to pinterest lately and have found so many fun activities for the kids using normal household items. I made this finger paint last week for FHE and the girls had fun painting. I wasn't a huge fan of the recipe, it was easy but the consistency isn't great. The girls had fun though.

another shot of our house, the kitchen was a bit messy though, sorry. One of these days I will get some good clean pictures of the of these days.

Kate and Jane in Grandma Wilson's bouncy seat. This is made for one baby by the way.

On Sunday they turned 2 months old.

Since we can't exactly take a picture of me feeding both of the babies at the same time we thought we would at least get Brett doing the job. (nice MC Hammer pants huh, haha. It's the weird angle I promise)

It's hard to see how small they are so I put my hand to compare her with. They are getting bigger but are still tiny.

...and I love it. Especially since I didn't get to enjoy them so much for the first 5 1/2 weeks.

Jane at 2 months old.

9 week pictures taken today. This was the first time I have let the girls hold both babies at the same time. Can you tell how happy and excited they were about it?

Jane with her "half smile"

They still sleep in the same bed but I have seperated them a bit in there so this was the first time in a few days that they have laid close to each other other than feeding times. They loved being back together and were flayling their arms a bit. Here they actually got them interlocked.

I am doing surprisingly well. I have discovered that giving them bottles during the night equals more sleep for me. If I nurse them it takes about an hour, maybe a little less. If I give them bottles with my milk then it only takes about 25 minutes. We just stay up late and feed them around midnight then I get up around 3 or 4. Then they wake up around 6:30-8am. Depending on what time they wake up, I either just stay up or go back to bed. Lately I've been going back to bed for a bit. I don't usually need a nap during the day but can if I need to. They are really good babies and don't cry too much.

They still sleep most of the day so I can still get things done. We just don't leave the house much becuase it's a pain and we don't want them getting sick. Life is pretty good though, we can't complain about anything.

The first week the babies were home our washer broke. Not great timing with all of the laundry twins add to the house. We took a few days and Brett did some heavy research, including asking facebook friends for advice, and we got a huge washer and dryer later that week. It has been super helpful having such a big set and we love them. I can't believe how much more laundry 2 tiny babies add.

Like I said earlier, my sister came and stayed with me for a week and that was super nice. I was a bit nervous to have her leave but we've been doing pretty well. When she was here, we made some freezer meals so I have some easy-to-make dinners ready to go, which has helped a lot. We have a lot of support from family and the prayers have been felt greatly, especially while they were still in the hospital. I'm not sure how I would have handled everything without your prayers. We have been super blessed. Thanks to all.