Friday, September 28, 2007

Long Time

I have to apologize for not writing for so long. First of all, the Simpson thing on the side is pretty cool. You just go to the web site and put a picture of you and they will turn you into a Simpson. Is that what we've always wanted or what? What do you think of our little family? Ok, now that I got that out things have been crazy here. I worked again last week and those are never good weeks. It's taken all week to recover from it. It's so nice sleeping in until 10:00 again. There was one day that I even had to be in at 4:00a.m. NOT FUN! Not too much is new. I did post other things to make up for the long time of not writing. The biggest thing right now is Brett's little acappella group. They now have 2 more additions that are really good and prospects for 2 more. It's finally progressing and will hopefully be something one day. We got word from our new apartment comlex that we will hopefully be able to move in at the beginning of November so we are excited for that. Other than that, things are just moving right along. Here are a few pictures we took today so I would have something to post. This is Brett being a typical dad and playing dangerously with our baby. He's been doing it since she was probably a month old or less so he's got it down pretty good. Don't they look cute. Don't pay attention to her homeless looking shirt. She just likes to spit up so it's a little dirty.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

New sectional

I just had to put the picture of Jules on because I really think she is so cute when she cries. Maybe it's my sub conscience making me laugh to prevent me from exploding but Brett will really get mad at me because I really will just laugh at her sometimes when she cries.
Our new sectional. It's nice and big! We love it!

5th percentile

So we all knew that Jules was tiny but I didn't realize how tiny. We went to the doctors last week and found out that she only gained 4 ounces in the past 2 months making it so she is only in the 5th percentile. She weighed a whaping 10lb. 10oz. We then went to a pediatrition to get a second oppinion and she had gained another 4 ounces in the past week and a half so we are on our way. So now our 4 month old baby weighs 10lb. 14oz. She seems healthy so we are just trying a few new things to get her weight up a little. To be honest I love how little she is. It makes it much easier to hold her. As long as she is healthy I love the size she is. This is her at the pediatritions office making friends with the tiger on the wall. Isn't she so little and cute.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Our Lives

Callie made me realize that I'm a slacker at this. She said that she posts more often than I do so I'm here to prove her wrong. I keep thinking I need a great picture to go with a post but this time it will not be the case. I do however have a funny story to tell and I'm just so grateful that Brett was there to witness it with me. We were driving down the street the other day listening to the radio and the theme song from "Night at the Roxberry" was on. Such a classic and hilarious movie. We both looked over at a teenage kid on his scateboard going down the street. This kid was "hip" with the hair like Troy from "High School Musical". Right on the beat the kid flipped his hair and gave us "the look" that was saying "I'm so cool and hot". It was as though he could hear the music because he flipped his head moving the hair out of his face right on the beat. It was incredible. Like I said, I'm just glad that Brett was there to have seen it too.
Last week was so busy. Here are some of the highlights: Jules learned to roll from her back to her front so now she does both (although I think she's only done it once, she still did it). Now I can't leave her on her changing table alone. I picked up a new hobby of making jewerly (although I still haven't made anything I have the stuff to do it). I've been wathing my niece a little too much (although I love her to death, too much of a good thing can turn ugly). I helped my mom throw a retirement party for 700 people for her old boss in which not even half that amount came. I worked a beautiful wedding serving the General Primary Presidency and Young Women Presidency and who know who else. I finally made some friends here in my ward (just in time to move) and had a way fun girls night out up Provo Canyon in this great cabin. Before I didn't think I really needed friends as long as I had my family but that all changed this week when I realized how much fun girls have together and how necessary it is to have girl friends. I went to the Women's Expo at the McKay event center, that was a lot of fun too. We bought a sectional off KSL for $500 for our new place. We didn't fall in love with it but it was descent looking so we bought it for security until we can find a better one. We will probably sell it in a bit for $600 or so. I bought a Madeal breastpump off craigslist. We have Jules drink bottles most of the time to monitor how much she drinks and it was taking me 2 hours a day to pump with our cheap pump and now it goes so much faster, I love it. I made more cute flowers for Jules headbands. Today my sister-in-law had a baby girl. The sucker was 9lbs.9oz. The still don't have a name but she's cute. She's actually blond and light color skin. My brother was super blonde when he was born and super white so she gets that from him which is kind of funny since Jules gets her darkness from me and we come from the same family. Have I mentioned that my family is a bit messed up when it comes to similarity? My niece Maddie pooped on the floor today. I went out to lunch with the old YW presidencey. I will have my Mary Kay stuff so if any of you still want stuff for 1/2 off I'm here for you. Oh yeah, Brett, is busy with work and school and is in one acappella group and starting one up of his own, I think I got almost everything. As you can see, life is busy but going great. I almost forget how busy last week was. I was remembering it being pretty boring but I guess I was totally wrong. I am relieved that the Camilla girl was found and that the cause of her death wasn't by some psycho seeing as the canyon trail is my favorite place to run and ride my bike. Now I'll be able to do that a more since I was scared to for a while. Ok, that's really all.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Orem Owlz

And we wonder where she gets her looks from
A guy in our ward has season passes to the Orem Owlz baseball games. I guess if you don't make it to a game then you can bring in your old tickets to any game and still be able to use them. He said he had about 25 or more tickets at home that would never get used and said we could get tickets whenever we wanted. So on Friday we took our good friends Daryl and Katrina and their baby girl Ava. We had a really good time and enjoyed the Owlz winning the game 5 to 3. Jules was really good too. I wonder where the fans get the comebacks that they do. There was one old guy that kept hoooing like an owl. Then there was this crazy guy that kept calling the opponents pitcher a "gas can", "daddy's little girl", "milk your cow you farmer". What ever happened to "we want a pitcher, not a belly itcher"? I guess I'm just very creative.

Fun times with Madison

So I babysit my niece, Madison, once a week and she just loves "baby Jules". On Thursday after half undressing herself she decided that she wanted to play in her bouncy seat. Can you blame her, it looks comfortable to me.

I even got her to help me feed Jules. It didn't last very long. At least it was long enough to take a very cute picture. She's 21 months old or so and is too smart for her own good. She's talking like crazy which can be scary because she'll repeat everything you say.

Jules' new way of sleeping

Last week when I was working Brett figured out this new way of keeping Jules' binki in her mouth. He would just wrap the burp cloth around her face and it would stay in and she would fall asleep and not cry. Then on Monday I was at the in-laws doing corn to freeze and as she lay in Grandma Wilson's swing the only way she would sleep was if she had something over her face. Now that's the new way of doing things if she's not in her crib. I guess she feels comforted having something on her face. We just hope that she doesn't smother herself so we try to keep an eye on her. I think it's pretty cute, she's now pushing her face into me at times. I just love how she loves to cuddle.