Monday, September 21, 2009

Boring Us!

Things have been busy and frankly I just haven't had a desire to blog. Ever since Libby was born I barely even have a chance to read other blogs so I apologize for my lack of comments on your blogs. Here are a few things that we have been up to since I last posted:
Heidi, Brett's cousin once removed, moved in with us. I have loved having the extra help around the house and the kids just love her. Even though Jules looks totally drugged in this picture, she really does love Heidi.

Libby will be 4 months old next week. She is getting so big so fast. She is totally opposite of Jules as far as weight goes. Jules didn't even weigh 11 lbs at 4 months. Libby on the other hand weighed 12 lbs at 2 months and even started out smaller. She's our little rolly polly baby.

Just a funny picture I had to add of Jules with a snot bubble one morning. Gotta love the bed head too.
Jules loves Libby. Sometimes a little too much. These are just some fun pictures I took of both of them playing together.
This picture makes me realize how much they look alike. I think Libby's head is just as big as Jules head.
Another fun picture of Jules.
Brett's group singing at a benefit concert that about 20 people were at. His barbershop group is now over because one of the members is moving. Sad days. Now he's back to trying to get an acappella group together.
Our very first FHE. We taught Jules about temples then we went to the Provo Temple and took some really cute pictures.
We had to include Libby.
Over Labor Day weekend we went up to Sun Valley Idaho for a car show. Brett's dad sold this car. It was really cute.
Libby is so happy and smiles and laughs so easily.
Tammy came over the other day and when she got here Brett looked outside and noticed she drove all the way over here with a lid on her hood. Hmmm, I'm thinking Kyle put it there when he was packing his car. So this picture is for you Kyle. Hope you don't need this lid.
On Friday I decided to do some canning. I was pretty proud of myself because I did it all by myself. Heidi did help a little I guess. I did grape juice, peaches and tomatoes. I already did some salsa a few weeks ago too. It's really not a lot I guess, but I had never done juice or tomatoes before. I've kind of helped my mom in the past I guess but didn't really pay that much attention.
This was Libby last night. I propped her up on the couch while I got Jules ready for bed and this is how I found her a few minutes later. She spits up a bunch and is still gaining weight like crazy.
So that's what we've been doing. Staying busy and getting ready for fall. I'm ready for things to slow down and keep hoping that will happen once it starts getting colder.