Sunday, April 3, 2011

It's for REAL!!!

This is going to be long so either just look at the pictures or prepare for a long post. This is mostly for me in the future so I can remember. Having said that, lets begin where the last post left off. I announced that I was pregnant last post. Well, that pregnancy didn't last. On October 20 I lost the baby due to a miscarriage. It was a very hard and sad day. Luckily the Lord had prepared me for it. From the beginning I didn't think it was the right time to get pregnant but we have always felt that keeping kids 2 years apart is the right number. A few weeks before the miscarriage I actually told Brett that I wouldn't be surprised if I did lose the baby. I don't know why I said that but I just think I was being prepared. Something just didn't feel right about the whole pregnancy. The day I did lose the baby I remember my prayers being a little strange that morning. For some reason I had the impression to pray that I would be able to endure trials in my life and what was in store for me or something to that effect. I figured it was due to other things going on. My dad had been in the hospital due to a blood clot in his lungs. It was very serious but they caught it right in time so he was okay. My brothers work had been broken in to and a lot of their equipment had been stolen. We were waiting for trial #3 in our family and then it came. It was the last thing we expected it to be, but it happened nonetheless. It was a very hard time even though I was prepared. I was fine until I got sympathy from someone and then I would break down. All is well though, it really just wasn't the right time. After that I just kept having the thought that October was when we needed to have the next baby. We probably could have gotten pregnant right away but we waited so the due date would be October. Things went according to plan and we got pregnant and our due date (according to the internet's calculations) was going to be October 11th. This time we waited to announce the pregnancy just in case things went wrong again. I did tell some of my family I was pregnant that week so they knew. My first doctor appointment was March 30th. Since this is baby #3, I told Brett he didn't need to be there. He was really busy at work and still isn't hired on full time so we still don't have insurance. Anyway, I told him to not worry about it and my sister watched the kids so I went alone. I told my mom the night before that I was nervous for this appointment because I was scared it was going to be twins. I don't know if it was a feeling/prompting to prepare me or what but I was a bit nervous. Part of me was also scared that maybe things weren't going to be okay since the last one ended badly. Anyway, I went in and got an ultrasound because that's what our doctor does at our first appointment. Low and behold the nurse told me there were 2 babies in there. I was in shock and I still kind of am. She said it's very rare that people by now don't know or it's not expected because most twins these days are because of infertility problems. I was shocked but I guess I really shouldn't have been. My mom is actually a twin and seeing as it skips a generation and runs in female blood I was likely to be the one to get twins. I only have 1 sister and she's done having kids. I did tear up just out of shock mostly. I told the nurse that had helped me earlier and when I did I just started crying more. I talked to the doctor and he calmed my fears. He is very experienced in having twins and he doesn't charge more to deliver twins and just reasured me of many things. I didn't even know what to ask him because I wasn't prepared with questions about twins. He was great and I left feeling much better. I drove to Brett's work and told him to come out and I showed him the pictures. He handled it really well and started doing research on twins right away. I called my mom afterwards and she just laughed, especially after my comment to her the night before. Our families are super excited and happy to carry on the tradition. We are so blessed to have so much support and we will need it. We had already planned on announcing it on April Fools but now that it was twins I couldn't keep it in. I told all of my family but Brett made me stay quiet until April 1st. We did tell his parents the day before and Tammy jumped up and down and is so excited. Throughout this pregnancy I haven't been able to sleep as much as with the girls and I thought that was weird. I can't nap really well and the sleep at night is awful. I really think my body is preparing me for no sleep. Anyway, here are the pictures. The first one is of the top of their 2 heads, the 2nd one says baby B, and the bottom one says baby A. 40 weeks would put me due on October 6th (as planned) but twins tend to come early so we could have full term twins anywhere between September 15-October 6th. Now going back to the fall. Brett and I made a quick trip down to Vegas to watch a Michael Buble concert. We went backstage to meet the opening act which was an acappella group, Naturally 7, who did amazing. They were really cool and we just got to sit and talk with them for a while. I love Michale Buble and loved the concert. We left the kids at home and just enjoyed the quick trip by ourselves. We did bring one of Brett's friends with us seeing as he was the one that got us the tickets for free.
Halloween. Libby was a cute chick and Brett was corn flakes. He had to dress up as cereal for his work party and that was the best we could do. I accidentally erased other pictures we had taken on our camera. oops!
Jules was a fairy.
Libby was so tired at the store one day that she fell asleep. It was so cute, she has never done that before.
Jules being Jules.
Growing up, Brett had some grandparents that would give them the chance to reach into a big jar of coins and that was their present. Tammy decided to carry on the tradition this year and it was a huge hit. The older kids obviously get more money because their hands are bigger. It's much easier for her so she doesn't have to find presents for 20 or so grand kids and they all have the fond memories.

For Christmas Santa made Jules' room into a play room and now Jules and Libby share a room. Jules slept in our room with us on Christmas night and when she woke up we brought her into her new room and into their play room. Jules had been asking for a princess kitchen so she was so excited to see this. Here is Libby with her presents.
I got a headboard, a coat, a purse and later after the picture, Brett surprised me with a wii and wii fit. I was so excited and loved it all.
I gave Brett a bunch of much needed clothes and a paid and planned date a month. Each month has the plans and the gift cards for the date we get to go on that month. It has been so much fun so far.
Jules with her presents.
This is her initial reaction when she saw her new room for the first time.
New jammies
Brett had been singing in a UofU acappella group since the fall and here they are at a performance. They went to a competition and took 2nd place. He quit after that though because it was taking so much time away from the family. We sure love having him around more but he misses singing.
This is Jules' new room that she shares with Libby. They have done so well sleeping together and I love having the play room so all the toys aren't spread out on the living room floor all of the time.
More of the playroom.
More of the group.
Singing and rocking with daddy.
Libby's hair after a nap.

Jules and Libby got hair cuts. This was Libby's first time and she did great. It was just a little trim.
More snuggles with daddy.
We watched Rob and Melissa's kids so Rob could go out on his birthday. The kids all got to decorate their own cookie.
Brett sang the National Anthem at a Jazz game on February 2 (one of Jerry's last games).
Jules was invited to a Valentine's party and it was so cute. They got to sit at the big table and got food and decorated cookies and made bracelets. It was so cute and the kids felt so grown up and special.
Libby loves ketchup.
After family scripture study and prayers. This happens most nights.
We went to the Provo library for the annual Fairy Tea Party. We had an extra ticket so we took cousin Maddi with us. We were there with other friends too but I'm awful at taking pictures.

For our 5 year anniversary Brett surprised me and we went up to Park City. In the condo was also a food dehydrator that I have been wanting. He totally surprised me with it and this is the only picture we got of the whole weekend. Ugly I know but we had to have some proof of our 5 years. It was nice to get away for the night and go swimming and just relax.
Libby fell and hit her head on the corner of my parents house (stucco). She has been falling so much lately but she's one tough chick...most of the time anyway.
Jules has been in a dance class put on by the rec center. It is so cute to see them all dance together. As a neighborhood and friends, we all got into the same class so it was so much fun for the kids and the moms.

Libby just had to wear a tutu as well.

She got to wear makeup and felt so grown up and special.