Thursday, November 8, 2012

Kate's Walking, Jane's talking, Jules is in school.

I started this post a long time ago. We will pretend like I actually wrote this in August when I started it.
The babies turned 1!!! (at the end of August). They finally grew out of their outfits  I probably could have snapped them shut but it would have been a stretch.

I could barely get them to hold still long enough to take pictures. They are getting crazy.
On their birthday we just gave them pancakes and they loved it. 

Then with the family we did an actual cake for both of them. They didn't love it. 

We eventually just gave the other kids forks and they went to town.
Jules started Kindergarten!!! She wasn't feeling well the day before or the morning of. Turns it she has some anxiety. After feeling sick all morning she finally decided to go anyway and she came home fine. Thank you Wilson genes for passing on the anxiety.

She literally decided in the last minute to go anyway so I didn't even have time to be sad. She came home so happy and loved school and wasn't sick at all. I'm surprised I didn't think about it sooner. She wasn't nervous so I figured it wasn't anxiety. I didn't realize she could get it for being so excited though. She's doing great in school and we all love it.

This is what we did without Jules.

The kid inside of Brett.

The new way we store kids around these parts. I took on a few extra kids a week and the kids have fun with extra playmates.

The babies 1 year appointment. They are still small but steadily growing so they aren't worried at all. They loved their first suckers and it helped ease the pain of getting shots.

Jules and Libby loved a Rapunzel party
Jane being so big.
With all of my spare time I painted an old table and chairs and reupholstered them. I also painted that other thing and the wall blue. We have since bought new couches and love them. The house is slowly coming together.

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Bridget said...

They are sooooo big! Cute fam Stace! Love you guys! You should give all your tips on painting furniture. I have a bunch I want to make over... someday...