Wednesday, August 24, 2016

long ago

Hey remember that one time we had a blog?

Sunday, December 22, 2013


Sometimes we have to label our children.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Time

Christmas time is magical. I'm so looking forward to this year with the kids. It's some of the prime ages for Christmas. Presents are still cheap and they get excited over the little things. I just hope we instill in them the real reason we celebrate Christmas. We truly have had a great year and have been blessed more than we deserve. Merry Christmas to all!

Saturday, January 12, 2013


I just wanted to drop in and say that these 4 are kicking my butt. As good as they really are, they still beat us 4:2. I sure do love them though.

Jules is doing great in kindergarten and loves it.

We just cut Libby's hair and it's so cute.

Jane gives the best hugs and kisses and is a total daddy's girl and grandma's girl. She has always had a thing for my mom seeing as her first on queue smile was for her.

Kate is mommy's girl and grandpa's girl. She says papa but won't even say mama. Neither one of them talk much but we are taking advantage of that for now. Soon we will have 4 chattering girls that we won't be able to stop. Can you believe they are 16 1/2 months already?

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Kate's Walking, Jane's talking, Jules is in school.

I started this post a long time ago. We will pretend like I actually wrote this in August when I started it.
The babies turned 1!!! (at the end of August). They finally grew out of their outfits  I probably could have snapped them shut but it would have been a stretch.

I could barely get them to hold still long enough to take pictures. They are getting crazy.
On their birthday we just gave them pancakes and they loved it. 

Then with the family we did an actual cake for both of them. They didn't love it. 

We eventually just gave the other kids forks and they went to town.
Jules started Kindergarten!!! She wasn't feeling well the day before or the morning of. Turns it she has some anxiety. After feeling sick all morning she finally decided to go anyway and she came home fine. Thank you Wilson genes for passing on the anxiety.

She literally decided in the last minute to go anyway so I didn't even have time to be sad. She came home so happy and loved school and wasn't sick at all. I'm surprised I didn't think about it sooner. She wasn't nervous so I figured it wasn't anxiety. I didn't realize she could get it for being so excited though. She's doing great in school and we all love it.

This is what we did without Jules.

The kid inside of Brett.

The new way we store kids around these parts. I took on a few extra kids a week and the kids have fun with extra playmates.

The babies 1 year appointment. They are still small but steadily growing so they aren't worried at all. They loved their first suckers and it helped ease the pain of getting shots.

Jules and Libby loved a Rapunzel party
Jane being so big.
With all of my spare time I painted an old table and chairs and reupholstered them. I also painted that other thing and the wall blue. We have since bought new couches and love them. The house is slowly coming together.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Zoo

We love the zoo! We had a great time venturing out in the heat today.

I realized that I went this same time last year. We went right after we moved and before the babies were born. Since there is only 2 1/2 weeks between those two it doesn't leave much time. What was I thinking going by myself being pregnant with twins? Granted they weren't supposed to come for at least another month. Its possible I did too much. I really was feeling fine though. Tired and huge but fine.

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Family Pictures

I finally sat down and fixed my blog to be able to blog from the gmail account I actually use now. This means I can blog from my phone!!! I'm pretty good about that so you will see a lot more from me.
A big thanks to Kellie for taking our family pictures. We love them. The pictures bring out so much of their personalities.

Libby and Jules



Jane and Kate
Kate and Jane
The whole fam damily
We have enjoyed the summer. We have been busy raising kids. What more can I say.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Not a blogger

Hello, I'm back! I'm alive! It really isn't because I'm so busy with the twins, it's because I hate blogging. Some people were made to blog. I'm just NOT a blogger. I love going back and seeing the memories documented along with pictures. So for that, I keep the blog alive...just not very well. I hate uploading pictures and organizing them. It's especially more difficult since I take most pictures on my phone now. I have downloaded the app and maybe one of these days I will actually blog from the phone.

Anyway, having said that, enjoy a whole lot of pictures.

I really thought these month to month pictures would be more dramatic but looking at them they look like they are the same size.

The outfits still fit the same. What's up with that? I swear they are getting bigger...well Jane is anyway. She's my chunk. I call her "Sweet Baby Jane" and I call Kate "Crazy Kate". They look so different and have very different personalities. It will be interesting to see them as they grow up. I just hope they are good friends.

This was back in January or sometime a long time ago. This is a good picture to see their different personalities. Crazy Kate on the left and Sweet Baby Jane on the right.

This is usually how it is when we see family. It's nice having 2, one for each grandparent to enjoy.

Jane and Kate

I love when they fall asleep when I'm holding them. (Kate)

Kate just seems to fall asleep anywhere.

Proud to say that I made these super cute dresses and headbands. I found the pattern on pinterest of course.

So I thought this was a picture of Kate sleeping in one of her weird positions, but she's crying. Don't know why I took this picture. Enjoy it anyway.

January this year wasn't as bad as most. There were still days like this when we just sat and watched movies and had popcorn and hot chocolate. Never mind that this was taken at 10am.

Jules really has been the BIGGEST help ever. She just loves to hold them and play with them and they love the added attention. This is Jules with Jane.

This is Jules with Kate. Jules' favorite used to be Jane because the whole J thing. Jane got to be too big for her to hold, so she mostly holds Kate now. Jane weighs about 1 1/2 pounds more than Kate.

Libby in her Easter dress.

They got sunglasses in their baskets and insisted on wearing them for the picture.

It was really bright.

I made these dresses too.

Jane and Libby.


Dying Easter eggs with Anson, Morgan, Mitchell, Marci and Grandma.

They are finally eating solids. I wasn't looking forward to this stage but they are doing pretty well...except they didn't like pears. I love this face that Jane is pulling. The video is pretty funny of them eating the pears.

We had my family Easter party at our house this year.

We made them work for it though. We still haven't posted many pictures of our house, but here you can see what our backyard is like. We are right by some major power lines. They can't build under them, so they made a park out of it and we get to enjoy it. We are on 1/2 acre anyway but we love the openness of the backyard. We are getting our fence put up this week too, so that's exciting. Maybe one of these days I will post more pictures of our place.

My sister and her family came down for conference weekend. We went out to Elkridge, where her in-laws live, and fed the ducks at the Salem Pond. It was so much fun. The cousins sure love the babies.

This is close to when Libby almost fell off the dock.

Kate loves her fist(s).


Bath time.

They are finally holding their own bottles.

This is how I shop. See the skillz I have. 4 kids in one normal size shopping cart. I can't buy much, but it does the job for now.

The kids love playing with the babies.

Jules being weird.

...because Libby was being weird

For our 6 year anniversary we went to "Color Me Mine" and painted an egg. Brett did the top and I did the bottom. It turned out really cute. Now we can pull it out every year and enjoy it.

There is a park close to our house that the kids love. This is Libby with Kate.

We finally pulled this sucker out but it's only good for one kid. We didn't want to buy another one but wanted them both to enjoy...

I guess a bungee cord isn't the safest way to go huh? (No babies were harmed in the taking of these pictures. They were supervised by trained parents)

One of the many crazy poses we find the babies in. Jane doesn't move around much so she's the one stuck face down on the ground. Kate rolls around like crazy and is usually the one doing the weird and crazy things.

She was in the bouncy chair for about 5 minutes and didn't cry at all. Next thing I know, she is turned around, falling off, and asleep. That's my crazy girl Kate.

Jules and Jane

Looks like it's the same day as the above picture. I probably should have just put her in bed huh?

In March we went up to Idaho to see my niece, Sydney, get baptized. We had a ton of fun and ate way too much.

I found them reaching out to each other and holding hands. Isn't it so sweet? (I swear I dress them in different outfits than these. I do love these outfits Jodi gave us, and they wear them often, but it seems like they are wearing them in every other picture.)

A picture from January.

This is how we celebrated Valentine's Day. I didn't want to fight the crowds so we went out the weekend before and had a nice candle light dinner that night with the kids. Note Brett's beard. They had a work contest for February. Wasn't that so sweet of them?

I guess that's all. We are all doing well and surviving day to day.